26 November 2014 – Compassion Focused Therapy for Psychosis (1 day workshop)

Compassion Focused Therapy conference 2014
Title: Compassion Focused Therapy for Psychosis

Description: A one day workshop presented by Dr Charlie Heriot-Maitland, Dr Chris Irons and Eleanor Longden, as part of the 3rd International Conference On Compassion Focused Therapy: Learning from Experience: Advances in Compassion Focused Therapy (26th – 28th November)

Key learning objectives:
Understand the evolutionary and CFT model of psychosis
Understand the CFT model of compassion, and its relevance for people with psychosis
Help clients to develop a compassionate self, which becomes a secure base from which to explore, engage with, and integrate distressing experiences and states
Consider the role of trauma and the re-scripting of trauma memories
Help clients initiate dialogue between compassionate self and multiple other selves/voices (e.g. using imagery, chair work, and letter writing)

Charlie Heriot-Maitland is a clinical psychologist who provides CFT for people with psychosis in London NHS services and runs CFT training for various staff groups. He is also researching the application of CFT in psychosis for an MRC Fellowship award at King’s College London.
Chris Irons is a Clinical Psychologist working in London. He is interested in the application of CFT within community and inpatient mental health settings. He runs training in CFT in both the UK and internationally, and leads the London & South East CFT Special Interest Group (SIG).
Eleanor Longden is a postgraduate researcher with lived experience of psychosis who has lectured internationally on recovery-orientated approaches to psychosis, including TED and WHO events. She coordinates the research committee of Intervoice.

Venue: Birmingham

Time: Wednesday 26th November 2014 (9.00am-5.00pm)

Price & bookings: Price & bookings for this event are managed by The Compassionate Mind Foundation