About the workshop:

In this two day introduction, you’ll gain a great overview of the principles and practices of CFT. During the workshop you’ll learn:


  • about the historical development and theoretical context of the CFT model
  • what compassion is, how to introduce the concept to people, and how to work with common fears, blocks and resistances to compassion and self-compassion  
  • some of the key psychoeducational parts of the approach, including the tricky brain and the three system model
  • some of the core compassionate mind training practices, including soothing breathing rhythm, compassionate other imagery and compassionate self practice
  • how to put the compassionate mind to work, using a variety of interventions including multiple self practice

About the facilitators, Drs Chris Irons and Charlie Heriot-Maitland:

Hi, i’m Chris. I’m a clinical psychologist specialising in Compassion Focused Therapy (CFT) and Compassionate Mind Training (CMT).

I’ve been fortunate to work with the developer of CFT – Professor Paul Gilbert – for over 20 years. I’ve given hundreds of CFT workshops, to over 10,000 participants from across the world. I’ve also published a number of CFT books, including the Compassionate Mind Workbook, The Compassionate Mind Approach to Difficult Emotions, and CFT from the Inside Out

Hi, I’m Charlie. I am a clinical psychologist specialising in Compassion Focused Therapy (CFT) and Compassionate Mind Training (CMT).

I have worked in NHS settings for 13 years, and now have a private practice in specialising in CFT. I continue to provide supervision, training, and consultancy in the NHS, as well as other organisations across multiple sectors, including healthcare, social care, education, and charities. I have authored a number of CFT-related research papers and book chapters, have given numerous invited talks, and have run over a hundred various compassion training workshops both nationally and internationally.


This workshop includes:


An understanding of how and why CFT developed


Exploration of key ideas and psychoeducation underpinning CFT


Experiential practice of ‘Compassionate Mind Training’ (CMT) exercises


Learning how to put the compassion mind to work through various interventions

Who is the course for?

Anyone who wants to learn more about CFT. This may include psychologists, therapists, psychiatrists, nurses and social workers, but also include working in education and business

Will the training be recorded

Yes, the training will be recorded, and available to watch for two weeks following the training

Will there be a certificate of attendance?

Yes, all participants will receive a certificate of attendance to log CPD hours

I see the two day introduction is also part of a bigger training for people interested in facilitating CMT groups - do I have to sign up to that too?

No you don’t. This two day training is a stand along training for anyone who wants to learn about CFT principles and practices. Although it is part of a wider training for Compassionate Mind Training (CMT) facilitators (https://balancedminds.com/compassionate-mind-training-facilitator-training/) you don’t need to be doing that training to attend this one