Associate Feedback Form

Associate Feedback Form

This survey asks questions about your experience working with Balanced Minds.  Your input will help us continue to improve the way we operate as a business and build on our working partnerships with our valued Associates.  This form can be submitted anonymously by omitting your name from the top of the survey.  Thank you for taking the time to share your opinions.

Overall, how satisfied are you working with Balanced Minds?*

My recruitment process was well orchestrated

It was clear what my role required of me from the start

I have the tools and resources I need to do my job well

The consulting rooms provided are well suited for my work

I have the training/experience I need to do my job

The amount of work expected of me is reasonable

The referral system works well and my free slots are filled quickly

I feel supported with administrative processes

My supervisor is able to address my questions and concerns

My supervisor provides me with actionable suggestions and opportunities for me to develop my career

There is a good sense of morale at Balanced Minds and I feel part of a team

15 + 6 =