compassion in healthcare

Compassion in Healthcare

Compassion in Healthcare Systems and Nurturing Staff Well-being Amidst Strain Dr JP Corrigan, Consultant Clinical Psychologist Dr Jane Gilsenan, Clinical Psychologist. Contact: As the Compassion Focused Therapy (CFT) approach has gone from strength to strength in recent years, new avenues for clinical and research application have become more apparent. Whilst still in its infancy,

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Compassion Focused Therapy

My Path to Grief through Compassion

My Path to Compassion: Learning About Being Rather than Doing Professor Darcy Harris King’s University College at Western University When treatment isn’t helpful My undergraduate degree was in nursing. Shortly after graduation, I was offered a job in a busy outpatient adult neurology clinic. We worked in a primary care model, where I was assigned

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The Self-Compassion App

Self-Compassion App Blog

How technology can help us cultivate a Compassionate Mind Dr Elaine Beaumont Cultivating compassion and being open to receiving compassion from others can have a positive impact on our physical and psychological wellbeing. There are a variety of ways we can potentially boost wellbeing. For example, some of us may choose face-to-face therapy, whilst others

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compassion focused therapy manual

Compassion Focused Therapy Manual

A new manual to help clinicians and researchers with compassion focused therapy manual Dr James Kirby  A/Prof & Clinical Psychologist Director: Compassionate Mind Research Group The University of Queensland Where my CFT journey began I remember with great excitement (or with a very big blue circle for us CFTers) attending a 3-day Introduction to Compassion Focused

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compassion focused therapy

Mobilising Compassion

Mobilising Compassion – A journey of three roads meeting to make a therapy for those at the edge of therapeutic opportunity Dr Kate Lucre Psychotherapist Everyone wants to live on top of the mountain,but all the happiness and growth occurs while you’re climbing it (Andy Rooney) Climbing I believe is a lot like psychotherapy. It

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CFT & Yoga

CFT and Yoga

CFT & Yoga Dr Sunil Lad Consultant Counselling Psychologist Yoga means union. Currently modern yoga practise is often seen through the lens of exercising or stretching the body. However it comes from an ancient tradition of breathwork, meditation and guidelines for ethical living. Within CFT we recognise that the environment in which we live in

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compassion and nature

Compassion, CFT and Nature

Compassion, CFT and Nature Dr Kirsten McEwan – Associate Professor of Health and Well-being at the University of Derby Since childhood, I’ve found solace and comfort in nature. The woods near my home were a sanctuary where I could escape and feel safe. Sitting in a tree, tearing up leaves, savouring their fresh scent, and listening

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stan cft, Compassion & TEDx

Compassion & TEDx

Presenting with Compassion: How my TEDx talk about compassion and self-compassion gave me a chance to practice! Dr Stan Steindl Have you ever had an event coming up that is exciting, but also terrifying at the same time? A trip away, a social occasion, a talk that you have to give in front of a

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