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Holiday Self-Compassion

Holiday Self-Compassion

Holiday Self-Compassion By Dr Chris Irons Clinical Psychologist  Director, Balanced Minds Working as a therapist or clinician is an amazing job. It’s a privilege to be trusted to hear the pain and vulnerabilities of the people we work with, and as a team, work to bring about helpful changes. But this work is also demanding …

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What is self-compassion?

What is Self-Compassion?

What is self-compassion, and how can it help transform your life? by Dr Chris Irons, Director, Balanced Minds Have you ever wondered about the question “what is self-compassion”? Or how self-compassion it could be helpful to you, or to the difficulties that you face in life? Whether as part of therapy, or as a general …

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myths of compassion

The Myths of Compassion

The Myths of Compassion by Dr Chris Irons, Director, Balanced Minds  Did you know that lots of people have ideas about compassion that aren’t true? That there are common myths about compassion that get in the way of learning the benefits of being compassionate to ourselves and others?    It’s no one’s fault when this …

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compassion strength

Self-Compassion Work Out

Are you Compassion Fit? by Dr Chris Irons, Director, Balanced Minds Have you ever worked out? Or maybe spent time going for a run or swim? Although it’s not always easy (or fun!) to do, we all know that doing physical exercise is good for us. In fact, if you’re able to regularly engage in …

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social comparison

Compassion & Comparison

Comparison vs Compassion Have you ever found yourself comparing yourself to others? Looking outwards to a friend, family member, colleague or neighbour and reflecting that they have more than you in some way? Or crucially, that you are less than them in some way? Maybe your intelligence, appearance, the things you have (cars, clothes, money, …

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compassion focused therapy

It’s Our Birthday!

Balanced Minds is 10 Years Old! Way back in 2012, three of us – Charlie, Korina and Chris – were colleagues and friends working in a busy NHS trust in East London. Whilst we loved our jobs, we were struck by a reality – that although our clients were finding the ideas and practices of …

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Compassion Focused Therapy

Dr Chris Irons – Interview

Dr Chris Irons – Interview Chris Irons will be hosting our event on 25th June on working with shame through Compassion Focused Therapy Chris Irons has been one of the leading figures in the modern development of the CFT model. He’s becoming a regular for Brighton Therapy Partnership training, and kindly granted us the opportunity to …

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Compassion Focused Therapy

The Self-Compassion App

Discover the happier, calmer, and more connected you with The Self-Compassion App – designed to be a supportive, informative and transformative guide, accessible any time your phone is with you! 28 Short Sessions On the app you will find 28 short sessions which contain advice from the experts on Compassion Focused Therapy. These specialised sessions will help …

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