Awareness of Emotion Chart

Emotions are complex things, but one way to understand them is by seeing them a bit like a pattern. When one is triggered, it influences a variety of other things, for example, what we think and what our bodies want to do.

Learning to recognise how each emotion turns up with its own pattern can be a powerful way to learn how to manage them better. 

Taken from The Compassionate Mind Approach to Emotional Difficulties, download a copy of the ‘awareness of emotion chart’ here (or look at it below) which helps people to learn more about the different pattern that each emotion tends to come with.

To help, we’ve also got a completed example that you can download here or view below

If you’d like some help to work with your emotions, take a look at the Compassionate Mind Approach to Difficult Emotions here, or take one of our self-compassion courses here

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Awareness of Emotion Chart

Awareness of Emotion - Client Example

These handouts have all been adapted from the wonderful work of Paul Gilbert