CFT & Yoga

CFT and Yoga

CFT & Yoga Dr Sunil Lad Consultant Counselling Psychologist Yoga means union. Currently modern yoga practise is often seen through the lens of exercising or stretching the body. However it comes from an ancient tradition of breathwork, meditation and guidelines for ethical living. Within CFT we recognise that the environment in which we live in …

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compassion and nature

Compassion, CFT and Nature

Compassion, CFT and Nature Dr Kirsten McEwan – Associate Professor of Health and Well-being at the University of Derby Since childhood, I’ve found solace and comfort in nature. The woods near my home were a sanctuary where I could escape and feel safe. Sitting in a tree, tearing up leaves, savouring their fresh scent, and listening …

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stan cft

Compassion & TEDx

Presenting with Compassion: How my TEDx talk about compassion and self-compassion gave me a chance to practice! Dr Stan Steindl Have you ever had an event coming up that is exciting, but also terrifying at the same time? A trip away, a social occasion, a talk that you have to give in front of a …

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compassion focused therapy pain

Compassion Focused Therapy for Pain

Ten Ways Compassion Focused Approaches Can Help With Chronic Pain Dr Rebecca Chasey Clinical Psychologist Sustain Psychology Are you battling chronic pain? Maybe you notice tension through your body, feeling on edge, as if pitted against an unseen enemy. Perhaps your mood has grown volatile, causing you to lash out and self-criticize, grieving the life …

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The Power of Soothing Emotions

What are soothing emotions, and how can I soothe myself more? Dr Shelley Kerr Clinical Psychologist Balanced Minds The other day I went for a walk through a nearby village with my family and some friends. It was a gorgeous autumn day; the kind where the sky is clear and sun is shining, yet the …

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cft adhd

Compassion Focused Therapy for ADHD

Compassion Focused Therapy (CFT) and ADHD – A Therapists Self-Reflection Jen Wood Associate Therapist, Balanced Minds I am a therapist and coach, recently diagnosed with ADHD. I had spent years struggling to navigate education and employment systems that did not seem to suit me. I felt shame and self-criticism about my lack of success, despite …

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compassionate self

Self-Compassion vs Compassionate Self – What’s the Difference?

Self-Compassion vs the Compassionate Self – What’s the difference?  By Chris Winson #365DaysOfCompassion The Compassionate Self is a central practice in Compassion Focused Therapy (CFT) or Compassionate Mind Training (CMT). It involves the development of core qualities that contribute to a compassionate mind: wisdom about the nature of human distress and pain strength and courage …

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Paul Gilbert Compassion Focused Therapy founder

The Compassionate Motive

CFT and the Compassionate Motive Professor Paul GilbertCompassionate Mind Foundation The contemplative traditions have always seen compassion as a basic motive that organises the mind in ways that enable enlightenment. For them, enlightenment is a particular experience of non-duality and self-transcendence which revolutionises how people come to understand the nature of themselves. Compassion focused therapy …

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