CFT for Difficult Emotions

One constant in therapy is that people are turning up for help with managing emotions and feelings that they find difficult to manage. 


Based on the Compassionate Mind approach to Difficult Emotions (by one of Balanced Minds’ founders, Dr Chris Irons), there are a variety of things that can be helpful when therapists use CFT for difficult emotions, and more generally, when working with emotion regulation difficulties. 


Take a look below for a variety of downloadable materials and guides

CFT for Difficult Emotions

Emotion Family Tree

Learn to keep track of how and when your self-criticism turns up

Self-criticism log, Working with Self-Criticism

Emotion Awareness Chart

Here’s a downloadable guide to help you understand the function of the self-critic

function of self-criticism, Self-Compassion vs Compassionate Self, Image of the Self-Critic

Evolved Function of Emotions

Download this guide to putting an image to the self-critic

image of self-critic

Our CFT work is inspired by Professor Paul Gilbert and the Compassionate Mind Foundation