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At Balanced Minds, we’re all about how CFT – and more broadly, compassion and self-compassion – can bring changes to people’s lives. We’re also interested in how we can take key ideas and insights from these perspectives, and share them in ways that are interesting and enlightening.

Check out our Compassion Focused Therapy blog for some of our latest thoughts and reflections. We’ve got articles from our team here at Balanced Minds, and we’re also lucky to be joined by guest blogs from key names in the field of CFT and compassion. 

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social comparison

Compassion & Comparison

Comparison vs Compassion Have you ever found yourself comparing yourself to others? Looking outwards to a friend, family member, colleague or neighbour and reflecting that

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Compassion Focused Therapy

The Self-Compassion App

Discover the happier, calmer, and more connected you with The Self-Compassion App – designed to be a supportive, informative and transformative guide, accessible any time your phone

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