Compassion Focused Therapy for Depression

Depression is the most common of mental health difficulties, with estimates that currently, 350 million people worldwide are suffering with it. 

But depression isn’t a ‘single’ thing – it often arises out of complex biopsychosocial interactions and needs thoughtful approaches to work with it

In this one day (6 hours CPD credits) workshop, you’ll learn about how Compassion Focused Therapy (CFT) is perfectly placed to work with depression.

compassion focused therapy for depression

What will this course cover?

In the Compassion Focused Therapy Training for Depression, we’ll cover a number of things:

  • A brief exploration about depression, and it’s biopsychosocial underpinnings
  • How our minds have evolved – and in particular, loops between our old brain and new brain – can be linked to the experience of depression 
  • How to understand depression through the three system model
  • What compassion is and how the compassionate mind can be cultivated with a number of experiential exercises 
  • How using multiple selves can be a helpful way of working with and bringing change to depression
  • How using various interventions (i.e. the Compassion PDA and Compassionate Letter Writing) can help to bring change in depression

Who leads the Compassion Focused Therapy for Depression training?

This training is led by Dr Chris Irons, a clinical psychologist with over 20 years of experience in Compassion Focused Therapy and one of the main international trainers of CFT. 

Chris has lots of experience working with depression, and has published a book and numerous research papers on depression (as well as many books on CFT more generally)

Chris has provided training to over 10,000 clinicians across the world, and has been one of the leading voices in the dissemination of CFT ideas and training

Dr Chris Irons

What will I receive following the training?

After the Compassion Focused Therapy for depression training, you’ll have access to the recording for two weeks to re-watch and allow learning to settle.

You’ll receive a certificate of attendance from Balanced Minds, highlighting that you’ve attended our training including the commensurate Continuing Professional Development (CPD) hours

You will receive an details of a variety of CFT resources – reading, videos, audio guides – to support your ongoing development in CFT

Provided with options for supervision and support of your clinical practice

Alongside the Compassion Focused Therapy Training for Depression, we’ll also be developing a variety of other trainings. Keep an eye out for details!