Compassion Focused Therapy Interventions

As a highly integrated psychological approach, Compassion Focused Therapy utilises a variety of powerful interventions in therapy aimed at helping people to engage with and relieve their distress and suffering. These interventions have overlaps with many other therapeutic traditions, but a key focus in CFT is how these can be done by first engaging in the compassionate mind/self and using this as a way to relate to oneself.

At Balanced Minds, we’re keen to support you in learning more about Compassion Focused Therapy Interventions, and how they can be used to support people. 

Take a look at a few key compassion focused therapy interventions below – we’ll add more in the coming months.

Compassion Focused Therapy Interventions

Compassionate Letter Writing
- Guide

Download a guide for how to write a compassionate letter to yourself

Compassionate Thought Form
- Guide

Download a guide for how to use a compassionate thought form

Multiple Self
- Guide

Download a guide for how to use a multiple selves exercise


If you’d like to have more detailed guides to some of these practices, you can find them in a variety of our self-help guides.

All of these scripts are adapted from the wonderful work of Prof Paul Gilbert


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