Compassion Focused Therapy Podcasts

Podcasts are a powerful way of learning about ideas and approaches, and hearing about people’s personal experiences.

Some of our team have been involved in a variety of interesting Compassion Focused Therapy podcasts.

Take a look at some of the podcast episodes that our team at Balanced Minds have been involved with, talking all things compassion, self-compassion and Compassion Focused Therapy (CFT)

compassion focused therapy podcast

Listen to Compassion Focused Therapy Podcasts

Take some time to listen to these podcasts – we’d love to hear what you think!

When Work Hurts

Listen to when Dr Chris Irons was invited by Dr Paula Redmond to talk about compassion and healthcare workers

HIV Matters

Listen to when Dr Chris Irons met with Michelle Croston about the power of compassion on her HIV Matters Podcast

The Consilience

Listen to when Dr Chris Irons talked with Shannon Beer about the Strength of Compassion on her Consilience Podcast

The Embodiment

Listen to when Dr Chris Irons and Dr Elaine Beaumont – authors of the Compassionate Mind Workbook and Self-Compassion App – met with Mark Walk about Compassion Focused Therapy (CFT)

CFT & Psychosis

Listen to when Dr Charlie Heriot-Maitland met James Kirby & Stan Steindl in Australia about CFT and Psychosis  

Hearing Voices

Listen to Dr Charlie Heriot-Maitland on the ‘All in The Mind’ podcast, with interviewer Lynne Malcolm