Compassion Focused Therapy (CFT)

- working with Self-Criticism

Compassion Focused Therapy (CFT) in part originally developed to help people high in shame and self-criticism, and there’s now lots of evidence that CFT is a powerful approach for working with these difficulties. 


In some of the downloads on this page, you’ll find the outline to key ways of engaging with and working with self-criticism from a CFT perspective


Working with the Self-Critic

- Log

Learn to keep track of how and when your self-criticism turns up

Function of Self-Critic
- Script

Here’s a downloadable guide to help you understand the function of the self-critic

function of self-criticism, Self-Compassion vs Compassionate Self, Image of the Self-Critic

Image of the Self-Critic
- Script

Download this guide to putting an image to the self-critic

image critic

Compassion for the Self-Critic
- Script

Download a guide for how to meet the self-critic with compassion

Compassion Focused Therapy

If you’d like to have audio guides to some of these practices, you can find them in the Self-Compassion App or in our online self-help courses

All of these scripts are adapted from the wonderful work of Prof Paul Gilbert