Compassion Focused Therapy

Supervision is key to the development and competence of therapists, and at Balanced Minds, we’re keen to support your knowledge and application of CFT through Compassion Focused Therapy supervision. 

Research has found that CFT supervision can provide a variety of benefits to supervisees themselves, as well as their clients. 

So, whether you’re just starting out in your interest in CFT, or have been using it as part of your work for many years, we’re well placed to help you. 

What to expect from Compassion Focused Therapy supervision?

Supervisees can expect a safe and supportive environment to reflect on their clinical practice and discuss any concerns about clients in confidence.  We provide the opportunity to develop therapy skills and techniques, using a variety of carefully planned exercises, case discussions, and references to the latest research and practice guidelines. 

Depending on need and what’s helpful, supervision sessions may be focused on specific techniques of how to ‘do’ CFT, or may focus on how to understand and formulate clients. But as an ‘inside out’ approach, CFT supervision often supports therapists to learn about themselves as human beings, with their own tricky brains and threat systems that can be difficult to manage in therapy sessions. 

Whatever the shape or form that is most helpful for you, our CFT supervisors can support you in your learning, understanding and confidence in CFT.

compassion focused therapy Supervision

What format do Compassion Focused Therapy supervision sessions take?

Supervision for therapists is offered online, either individually (e.g. 1 hour sessions), or in small groups (e.g. 1.5 hours sessions). It may be possible to schedule in person sessions depending on location and availability. 

Sessions are often scheduled monthly, but depending on what’s helpful, can be more or less frequent than this to meet your needs. 

The specific format that supervision takes can be discussed with the specific supervisor so as best to meet your requirements.

Balanced Minds & CFT Supervision

The Balanced Minds team have considerable experience in providing Compassion Focused Therapy supervision and consultation services, as well as other therapeutic approaches (e.g. CBT).  We’re passionate about supporting clinicians – whether they be psychologists, psychiatrists, nurses, social workers, counsellors or teachers – to learn about CFT and grow their skills, competence and confidence in using this to support the people they’re working with. 

We currently provide approximately 50 supervision sessions a week, to therapists and clinicians throughout the UK, Europe and internationally.  


We also provide specialist supervision and consultation for organisations looking to implement compassion-based, psychologically-informed approaches within their teams or services.  A recent example is the SafeCORE project where Balanced Minds have been commissioned by Greenwich Social Services for a 3-year project to develop an innovative compassion-focused practice framework for children and families social care, and to train and supervise the workforce of social work practitioners. This project is part of an ongoing research project which has found a number of powerful and important findings.

Who are our CFT supervisors?

We have a team of experienced clinicians who provide Compassion Focused Therapy supervision. All of our supervisors have had many years of CFT experience, both as clinicians and as supervisors, and many of them also have experience in other models too (e.g. CBT, ACT, DBT). Our team have all also received extensive CFT supervision themselves. 

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Dr Chris Irons

Compassion Focused Therapy

Dr Charlie Heriot-Maitland

Compassion Focused Therapy

Dr Korina Ioannou

Compassion Focused Therapy

Dr Shelley Kerr

Compassion Focused Therapy

Dr Alison Flynn

Compassion Focused Therapy

Jonny Say

Image Jonny CFT Balanced Minds

Sarah Benkwitz

Sarah CFT Balanced Minds, Sarah Benkwitz

Dr Kay Brewster

Kay CFT Balanced Minds

Sue Black

Sue Black CFT Balanced Minds

Dr Naomi Bright

dr naomi bright

Find more out about Compassion Focused Therapy Supervision

If you are looking for compassion focused therapy supervision, individual, group or team, please get in touch here to find out more information. We’ll be happy to provide further information, including about current availability of our team as well as supervision fees.