If you’re interested in Compassion Focused Therapy (CFT) or Compassionate Mind Training (CMT), our team have been involved in a variety of projects, from recorded talks at conferences, through to innovative creative cartoons. Please see below for a variety of videos that you might find interesting and useful. 

Compassion for Voices: a tale of courage and hope. King's College London Cultural Institute

Dr Chris Irons – International Science of Compassion Conference, 2012, USA

Dr Charlie Heriot Maitland - Royal College of General Practitioners Conference, 2013, UK

A collaborative video between Balanced Minds and The Difference charity outlining CFT ideas of the tricky brain and multiple self

Useful, related CFT videos: 


Professor Paul Gilbert – How Mindfulness Fosters Compassion

Dr Russell Kolts – TED talk on the role of compassion for anger

Dr Eleanor Longdon – The Voices in My Head

Below are a variety of other video materials

Brene Brown – The Power of Vulnerability

Brene Brown – Listening to Shame

Kristin Neff – Self-Compassion

School of Life – Self-Compassion

Training / demonstration videos

Engaging with Voices Playlist