Compassion Self-Help

Develop your Compassionate Mind through Self-Help

At Balanced Minds, we’re passionate about compassion! 

In particular, we’ve been working hard to find ways to help people to practise self-compassion, and more generally, develop their compassionate minds.

Compassion Self-Help

Just like you can get physically fit by doing different things (e.g. running, swimming, lifting weights), there are different ways you can increase your level of self-compassion! 

Take a look at some of our compassion self-help options below 

8 Week Compassionate Mind Training Course

Take a look at an ‘on demand’ version of our evidence based Compassionate Mind Training (8-CMT) course

7 Day
Compassionate Parenting Course

This online course is primarily aimed at you, as a parent, however some activities are designed for your child, and some for you to do jointly with your child

4 Week Online Self-Compassion

Check out our easy to access, evidence based online self-compassion course – developed to be short, powerful way of learning how to become more compassionate with yourself

LIVE 8 Week Course in CMT

Join our next online ‘live’ Compassionate Mind Training (8-CMT) course. Wednesday evenings from 24th January – 13th March 2024

The Self-Compassion App

Take a look at the amazing Self-Compassion App! Find out how you can become more self-compassionate through the power of your phone


Compassionate Mind Audios

Check out our audio recordings of a variety of Compassion Focused Therapy (CFT) practices and exercises

Compassion Self-Help Books

We’ve got a range of compassion self-help books that you might find helpful, including the Compassionate Mind Workbook and Compassion for Voices