About compassion

The various components of our minds can be organised in different ways depending on our social goals. For instance, a competitive mind will organise our attention, thinking, motivation, emotions, and behaviour in an entirely different way to a care-giving mind. These organisational patterns, called ‘social mentalities’, are hard-wired into the brain through evolutionary processes.

Orientating to our compassionate mind can help us engage with, understand, tolerate, and regulate the difficult feelings and troublesome loops associated with our threat-based minds (e.g. angry, anxious, self-critical). We can learn to be compassionate towards our feelings, rather than fighting them or trying to avoid them. This is similar to a form of desensitisation, with safeness and grounding in our compassionate mind.

We all have systems in the brain that make compassion possible, and by developing compassion we can organise our minds in different ways, with the aim of bringing our emotional systems into a helpful balance.

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