Self-Compassion App

The Self-Compassion App

Discover the happier, calmer, and more connected you with The Self-Compassion App – designed to be a supportive, informative and transformative guide, accessible any time your phone is with you!

Self-Compassion App with 28 Short Sessions

On the app you will find 28 short sessions which contain advice from the experts on Compassion Focused Therapy. These specialised sessions will help walk you through difficult emotions and encourage you to embrace those feelings of love and kindness. You can download the app today and start your journey towards a more compassionate life.  Research suggests that use of the app results in significant reductions in stress, anxiety, and self-criticism, as well as increases in self-compassion and wellbeing.

Compassion Focused Therapy

In addition to the Self-Compassion App, Balanced Minds also offer Compassion Focused Therapy from our centres in Edinburgh and London, and also online.  Compassion Focused Therapy, or CFT, is a process in which a trained therapist will assist you in cultivating compassion towards the self. One way to think about this is treating yourself as somebody in your life that you love and appreciate, such as a close friend or family member.

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You can download the app here. If you would like to get in touch regarding Compassion Focused Therapy in London, Edinburgh or online, contact us today on

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