Compassionate Mind Training Scripts

An important component of Compassion Focused Therapy (CFT) are a set of body and mind training exercises. These are known as Compassionate Mind Training, or CMT for short.

These exercises have been extensively researched, with a number of consistent benefits being found when people use them. This includes:

– Reductions in shame, self-criticism, feelings of inferiority, anxiety, depression and stress

– Increases in compassion for others, self-compassion, positive emotions, wellbeing

When first using these exercises in sessions, it can be helpful to use a guide or script to support the exercise itself, but also your confidence in using it with the person you’re working with. After time, the CMT script becomes easier to remember, but until then, use these to guide you.

You’ll find a number of Compassionate Mind Training Scripts on this page to support you in your work. All of the CMT scripts are also downloadable.  

Compassionate Mind Training Scripts

Soothing Breathing Rhythm 1 - Script

Download a script to guide an initial Soothing Breathing Rhythm practice

Soothing Breathing Rhythm 2 - Script

Download a script to the next stage of learning to slow breathing rhythm down

Soothing Breathing Rhythm 3 - Script

Download a script to adding voice tone and facial expression to soothing breathing

Calm Place Imagery
- Script

Download a script to guide a Calm Place Imagery practice

Compassionate Memory - Script

Download a script to guide a Compassionate Memory practice

Compassionate Other
- Script

Download a script to guide the Compassionate Other practice

Compassionate Self 1 - Script

Download a script to guide a Compassionate Self practice

If you’d like to have audio guides to these compassionate mind training scripts, you can find them here, or with the Self-Compassion App

All of these scripts are adapted from the wonderful work of Prof Paul Gilbert


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