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An Introduction to Compassion Focused Therapy (CFT) Training

Welcome to our Compassion Focused Therapy (CFT) On Demand Training!

We’ve designed this training as a comprehensive introduction to the ideas, theory, skills and practice of CFT.

In 14 sessions, we’ll help you to learn about key parts of the CFT approach, including:

  • how and why CFT developed
  • what compassion is, how it’s defined, and what competencies go in to contributing to it
  • what motives are, and how they relate to compassion
  • an exploration of the three system model of emotion
  • understanding the nature of the tricky brain
  • a comprehensive introduction to Compassionate Mind Training (CMT)
  • different ways to put the compassionate mind to work – multiple selves, the compassion PDA and letter writingu00a0
three system model compassion focused therapy

Through each session, you’ll have an opportunity to learn ideas, think about how they might apply to yourself and your clients, and try out a range of core CFT practices.u00a0

At the end of the training (Session 14) you’ll receive details of have to receive your certificate of completion.

If you’d like to ask any further questions about the training, or about how to follow up with CFT afterwards (e.g. supervision), please feel free to get in touch at

Start the CFT Training

Compassion Focused Therapy

1. The Origins of CFT

In this first session we'll explore how and why CFT developed, and some of the key ideas that shape it

Definition of Compassion

2. Definition of compassion

In this second session, we'll dive in to compassion - what it is, how we define it, and what competencies contribute to it

Compassion Focused Therapy

3. Motives

In this session we'll learn about what motives are, and how the caring motive underpins compassion

Compassion Focused Therapy

4. Three System Model

In this session we'll learn about a key part of the Compassion Focused Therapy, the three system model of emotion regulation

old brain new brain

5. Tricky Brain

In this session we'll explore an important psychoeducation, understanding how and why we struggle as humans

Compassion Focused Therapy

6. Insights on Suffering

In this session we'll explore two ways that CFT reflects on how and why humans can experience suffering, and how compassion can help


7. Compassionate Mind Training (CMT) – Attention, Awareness and Mindfulness

In this session we'll explore a core part of Compassionate Mind Training - the power of Mindfulness and Awareness


8. Compassionate Mind Training: Growing the Green – Soothing Breathing & Calm Place

In this session we'll explore how to cultivate the soothing system through Soothing Breathing and Calm Place Imagery

compassionate self

9. Compassionate Mind Training: Compassionate Other & Compassionate Self

In this session, we explore two powerful CMT practices: the Compassionate Other image, and the Compassionate Self

True Resilience, Compassion meets avoidance

10. Fears, Blocks and Resistances to Compassion

Here we explore some of the common difficulties people have with compassion

multiple self

11. Multiple Self

In this part of the training, we'll explore a step-by-step guide to a major practice in CFT called 'multiple selves'

Compassion Focused Therapy

12. Compassion PDA

In this session, we'll take a look at a way of utilising the compassionate mind to pattern switch from threat to compassion

compassionate letter writing

13. Compassionate Letter Writing

In this final session, we'll look at a powerful way of cultivating compassion for yourself - Compassionate Letter Writing

compassion focused therapy Supervision

14. Next Steps: Supervision, Resources and Further Training

Take a look at a variety of resources to support your ongoing CFT journey, including options for supervision, reading and further training