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Compassionate Mind Training (CMT)

Compassionate Mind Training (CMT) – 8 Week Course

Welcome to this 8 Week Compassionate Mind Training (CMT)



We really pleased that you’re joining us in this compassionate journey. The structure of the course is straight forward and simple to use. In each session you’ll be introduced to a key idea, and compassion-based practices that have been found to help cultivate compassion for ourselves and others.

Each session includes:


  • a video lasting approximately two hours
  • at least one audio or written exercise
  • access to the slides from the session
  • a written handout of the ideas and practices covered in the session

The course was designed to have a ‘one session per week’ structure, but if you need longer between sessions to practice your skills, then feel free to take more time

To start the course, click on the link below for Week 1, and begin your journey in developing your compassionate mind…

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