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Self-Compassion Course

Welcome to this four week, online self-compassion course

The structure of this course is straight forward and simple to use. There are four sessions in total, with a final ‘Course Summary’ at the end. 

The sessions have been designed to introduce you to ideas and practices that have been shown to help increase levels of self-compassion

Each session includes:

  • a 30 minute video
  • at least one audio self-compassion practice
  • a written summary of the session
  • a guide to set your compassionate intention for the coming week 

The course was designed to have a ‘one session per week’ structure, but if you need longer between sessions to practice your skills, then feel free to take more time 

To start the course, click on the link below for Session 1, and begin your journey to become more compassionate with yourself.

Compassion Focused Therapy

Session 1 – The Foundations of Self-Compassion

Session 1 - Exploring the underpinnings and foundations of self-compassion

Compassion Focused Therapy

Session 2 – Developing your Compassionate Self

Compassion Focused Therapy

Session 3 – Deepening the compassionate relationship with yourself

Compassion Focused Therapy

Session 4 – Self-compassion in everyday life