Cultivating a Compassionate Self

Cultivating a Compassionate Self

It is important to be compassionate, not just to others but ourselves too, and in doing so we can begin to cultivate a healthy sense of self. A compassionate understanding of who we are, what we do, and what we are capable of, is necessary to ensuring that going forward we can enter all situations at peace with the knowledge of how we are interacting with the world.

How to Become Self Compassionate?

Many people misconstrue self-compassion and a healthy sense of self with being overly confident or cocky. This couldn’t be further from the truth. By understanding ourselves, and in turn others, through the lens of compassion, we can better understand the human condition as one which is at times messy, and awkward, and not often because of personal flaws or any ingrained, inbuilt faults.

At Balanced Minds, our therapists in London and Edinburgh place a large emphasis on the worth of Compassion Focused Therapy, or CFT, as a way in which to tackle sometimes complex issues by first ensuring that we can do so with an attitude for one’s inherent self-worth. CFT is gaining popularity globally and is proving fantastic when it comes to dealing with common life problems, distresses, and mental health problems. A healthy sense of self is important because it will allow you to appreciate your circumstances and life experiences for what they are, allowing you to grow from them and keep moving forward.

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