Dr Alison Flynn 

Clinical Psychologist & Associate




Alison works in the NHS, private practice and as a Clinical Supervisor in a charity working with young offenders. She works with children, adolescents and adults and can offer adapted therapy for people with autism spectrum diagnoses and learning disabilities.

Alison has worked with people who present with depression and anxiety, as well as difficulties including; self-harm, suicidality, psychosis, complex trauma, anger and aggression.

She gained her doctorate in Clinical Psychology at University of East London, where there is an emphasis on thinking about the relationship between distress and the world we live in – from our workplace to the political system.

Her doctoral research thesis explored shame and social rank. Alison is a keen CFT Therapist and has completed further training in Narrative Therapy. She is interested in telling the stories of our lives in ways that make us stronger. Also trained in Motivational Interviewing, Alison has found this approach compliments CFT where we may feel unsure or ambivalent about change.

Alison was drawn to CFT by its practice of ‘preparing the body to help the mind’. She has found this approach to be emotive, creative and flexible, particularly because it does not rely solely on talking. Alison continues to develop her own compassionate practice and hopes to offer a safe, confidential space for those seeking support and change.

As a therapist, Alison takes a whole hearted approach to working with people. She appreciates difference and intersectionality in Gender, Geography, Race, Religion, Age, Ability, Appearance, Class, Culture, Ethnicity, Education, Employment, Sexuality, Sexual Orientation, and Spirituality.