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Dr Lucy Knowles

Clinical Psychologist & Associate

Lucy is an experienced clinical psychologist who will put you at ease and help you make sense of your difficulties, and find a way forward that is tailored to what is truly important to you in your life.  

Lucy qualified from University College London as a clinical psychologist in 2009, and has nearly 10 years of experience of working as a qualified clinical psychologist within the NHS. She has worked in senior roles across a range of different services, including adult, older adult, and physical health teams. She also has 4 years experience of working in private practice, seeing clients individually, for couples work, and as families. Whilst she has always worked directly with clients, she has lots of experience of helping teams function, and in supervising other psychologists, too. As such, she brings a wealth of experience of working with people experiencing a wide range of emotional distress and relationship difficulties. This means that Lucy is able to work very flexibly, drawing on her considerable experience to bring in a range of understandings and ideas based on what is brought by you to the therapy session.  

Lucy is experienced in offering a number of different therapeutic modalities, including compassion focused therapy, narrative therapy, and systemic family therapy. More recently, she has trained in more embodied approaches to working with mental health difficulties. As such, she is able to adapt her approach to develop therapy that is uniquely tailored to you. Lucy aims to balance the need for understanding with the need for movement forward. Her sessions bring in ideas and strategies to cope and to change, but these are always developed in a collaborative way based on what the client knows already about themselves.  

Lucy approaches all her work with respect and integrity. She is very aware of the impact of discrimination and societal injustice on mental health. She recognises the limiting effect that mainstream discourses can have on people. She will enable conversations that open up space to examine how this may affect you, and will explore ways to counter these effects, where relevant. She takes a holistic approach to her work, which means she is able to consider and work with the relational context in which you live, your experience and relationship to your physical body, as well as your thoughts, beliefs and emotions. She will work with you to consider these different spheres of your life, depending on what is most important and relevant to you.   

Above all, Lucy is a caring psychologist, who will accept you wherever you are at, and work alongside you to discover a way to develop a better relationship with yourself, and those around you.

HCPC Registered Clinical Psychologist: PYL24391

BPS Chartered Psychologist and member of the Division of Clinical Psychology

BUPA (30037567); Aviva (600110520); AXA PPP Healthcare (LK00977);  Cigna Healthcare (210858); WPA (920799909); VITALITY

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