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3-week afternoon course: Mindful Compassion with Lokadhi Lloyd and Korina Ioannou

A 3-afternoon Mindful Compassion course with Lokadhi Lloyd and Korina Ioannou on the following dates:
4 Nov, 25 Nov, 2 Dec (12.30 – 4.30pm)

These mindful compassion courses help you:

Release your own potential for self-care!
You can move towards a more meaningful life, greater contentment and social harmony.

Do you typically respond to difficulties in your life by:

criticising yourself, feeling shame?
experiencing fear?
blaming others?
feeling overwhelmed, isolated, alone?
avoiding difficult feelings?
Rather than fighting – or trying to avoid – difficult feelings, we can learn to be compassionate towards our own experience, and so move towards greater peace in our everyday lives.

Both mindfulness and compassion harness our capacity to alleviate our own suffering – and our sensitivity to the suffering of others – they can help free us from destructive thoughts, behaviours and emotions.


Nov 04 2018


12:30 pm - 4:30 pm


Garden Room (Neighbour Centre)
Garden Room (Neighbour Centre), St Mary's, Upper Street London, N1 2TX
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