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Newsletter December 2022

25% discount on self-compassion courses until 31st December

This time of year can put extra pressure on so many of us as it stirs up feelings of guilt, anxiety, loneliness and dissatisfaction.  Financial worries are often intensified, personal relations are put under strain and those of us suffering bereavement may find Christmas a particularly painful time.  

Although self-compassion can seem like a challenge during the busy festive season, with practice it can help to carve a gentler path for ourselves, that will in turn have a positive effect on those around us.  This might be in the form of a few mindful breaths during anxious moments, envisaging a warm hand on our heart or some kind words to ourselves as we acknowledge any personal suffering without judgement or shame.

Christmas is a time of highs and lows but if we can give ourselves space for self-compassion we will increase our chances of really taking in and appreciating all the good and beauty that will be there too. 

We’d love to help your journey towards self-compassion this holiday by offering a 25% discount on our self-help coursesintroduction to CFT workshop and our training to become a facilitator of your own Compassionate Mind Training courses.

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25% off our 4 week online self-compassion course

Learn how imagery & self-compassion exercises can help you to become more caring & supportive of yourself. Open to all.


25% off our live 8 week online compassionate mind training course (11th Jan – 1st Mar)

Learn how to develop and access your compassionate mind, and how you can use this to reduce self-criticism, balance strong negative emotions, and become more compassionate to yourself and other people. Open to all.

Compassion Focused Therapy

25% off our live 2 day introduction to compassion focused therapy online (18th & 19th Jan)

Open to anyone who wants to learn more about the principles and practices CFT. This may include psychologists, therapists, psychiatrists, nurses and social workers, but also include those working in education and business.

Compassion Focused Therapy

25% off our Compassionate Mind Facilitator Training for professionals

This course will equip participants with the theoretical and practical skills to deliver the 8-week CMT course (Irons & Heriot-Maitland, 2020), which is based upon the pioneering work of Professor Paul Gilbert.

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