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Welcome to your On-Demand Compassion Focused Therapy (CFT) Training

A Dive in to CFT Essentials

Here’s what you can look forward to experiencing in our On-Demand Compassion Focused Therapy training, with 14 key modules including:

The Origins of CFT
Learn about the origins, evolution, and scientific foundations of Compassion Focused Therapy.

What compassion is, and what does it consist of?
Learn about how to define compassion, how it involves two ‘psychologies’, and what examples and metaphors you can use to help people understand what it is, and why it’s helpful to cultivate

An exploration of important Motives and Emotions
Learn about our basic motives and how to use the three-system model as a powerful way of understanding psychological health and distress. Discover how to use this model as a platform for change in therapy. 

Compassionate Mind Training Exercises

Spend time being introduced to a series of mind and body exercises that have been shown to lead to the cultivation of self-compassion and compassion for others. 

How to work with the Fears, Blocks and Resistances of Compassion

Learn about the common things that get in the way of people developing more compassion, and how to work with these in therapy 

How to utilise a variety of powerful CFT interventions and techniques

Gain practical skills for guiding clients through transformative CFT exercises, breaking down barriers to compassion, and fostering lasting change that resonates deeply.

Whether you’re a seasoned professional in the fields of psychology, counseling, nursing, social work, or education, or you’re exploring new avenues in coaching or therapy, CFT promises to equip you with a fresh perspective and powerful tools for effecting positive change. Get ready to embark on an exciting journey of growth and transformation!

Who We’ve Provided CFT Training for in the Past

Course Feedback


I really found this training helpful.

It was great to do it at my own pace, and to come back to things whenever I wanted to. The suggested reading and resources were also helpful

Anita, Counselling Psychologist



I loved this training with Chris. I’ve learned a lot, and feel more confident in how to apply CFT to my patients now

TJ, Clinical Psychologist 


I really like how this training was broken down in to different modules. It made it easy to engage with, and to hold in my mind the different things that I was learning. 

I also really liked Chris’s style, even though it was a recording

Samina, GP


I’ve done a little bit of CFT training before, but I found this really helpful in deepening and adding to my knowledge.

I’m really looking forward to taking what i’ve learned in to my work

Sanjay, Psychotherapist 


Thanks for such an amazing workshop. I had some knowledge about CFT before, but feel like i’ve not only deepened that, but also added lots of new ideas, ways of explaining the model, and ideas about how to use some of the key practices

Misha, Coach


I found this training really good value, and easy to access. It was great to be able to take my time and keep watching over some of the material when I needed to.

Highly recommended! 

Natasha, Clinical Psychologist 

Meet Your CFT Guide: Dr Chris Irons

Dr Chris Irons, Compassion Focused Therapy Training

Hi, i’m Chris. I’m a clinical psychologist specialising in Compassion Focused Therapy (CFT) and Compassionate Mind Training (CMT).

I’ve been fortunate to work with the developer of CFT – Professor Paul Gilbert – for over 25 years. I’ve given hundreds of CFT workshops, to over 15,000 participants in 25 countries across the world.

I’ve published many research papers and book chapters on CFT, along with a number of CFT books, including: The Compassionate Mind WorkbookThe Compassionate Mind Approach to Difficult Emotions, and CFT from the Inside Out. Recently i’ve released The Self-Compassion App with Elaine Beaumont, based upon the Compassionate Mind Workbook.

How CFT Can Boost Your Practice

Break Free from Traditional Talk Therapy. Our CFT training offers evidence-based tools to help clients cultivate self-compassion, regulate emotions, and experience lasting transformation.

Foundational Knowledge
Gain an in-depth understanding of the core principles and practices of CFT, a therapeutic approach that addresses the root causes of emotional suffering.

Practical Confidence
Acquire the skills and tools to seamlessly integrate CFT into your daily practice, fostering a compassionate and effective therapeutic environment.

Mindfulness, Imagery, and Compassion Techniques
Master the use of techniques such as mindful breathing, guided imagery, and other compassionate practices as therapeutic interventions.

By the end of this training, you will have a solid grasp of CFT and the motivation to continue your journey in compassionate practice.

A Step-by-Step Approach to Learning CFT

Whoever you work with, your job involves trying to help people. 

By understanding the principles of CFT, you’ll create a ripple effect of healing that extends far beyond the therapy room.

This on-demand training allows you to return to the recording whenever you’d like, deepening your learning and practice. 

Take the next step of your CFT journey for just £150.


Anyone who wants to learn more about CFT. This may include psychologists, therapists, psychiatrists, nurses and social workers, but also include working in education and business

This is an on demand course, so you can watch it whenever you want!

Yes, all participants will receive a certificate of attendance to log CPD hours (12 hours in total)

Yes there are. Please email on for further information