Acting into Compassion



In this innovative 2-day experiential workshop, facilitated by Korina Ioannou (Clinical Psychologist) and Gareth Kennerley (professional actor and director), we introduce various acting techniques to help participants develop and embody different ‘versions of themselves’, with an emphasis on creating and enacting a ‘compassionate self’, in line with Compassion Focused Therapy (CFT).

Participants will be immersed into learning, from the inside-out, how the body and mind can work together to develop and foster certain motivations and emotional experiences.

We will guide you through a series of physical and vocal warm up exercises to prepare the body, release tension, and find a point of neutrality.

We will explore how different emotion systems might translate in a language of physicality and learn and practise the building blocks of character creation, through observation and embodiment. This will give us a platform of understanding and enacting different versions of ourselves, including a compassionate one.

The workshop will involve guided visualisations, emotional memory exercises, physical embodiment, role-play, and self-discovery. We will practise and ‘play’ individually, in small groups and as a big group.