Online Two Day Introduction to Compassion Focused Therapy – November 13th & 14th 2024



In this introduction to Compassion Focused Therapy with Dr Chris Irons, we will explore the key concepts, theory and practices of CFT. Participants will learn about the model underpinning CFT, rooted in evolutionary understanding of the development of mind, neuroscience, neurophysiological and attachment research helping to understanding the nature of our three basic emotions regulation systems, and our understanding the development and function of shame and self-criticism.

We will also explore various definitions and components of compassion, and how by developing a ‘compassionate mind’, we can help people to engage with and take wise action with whatever is causing them distress.

Participants will learn about the key skills and approaches used in CFT to develop a ‘compassionate mind’, including soothing rhythm breathing, calm place images, and the development of a compassionate self, and how compassion may be ‘put to work’ to engage in distress and suffering.

At the end of the workshop, participants will be able to:
1. Explain how evolutionary concepts can be used to help us understand psychological distress
2. Distinguish different types of positive emotions (e.g. activating versus soothing emotional experiences)
3. Explain the complexities of threat processing, and our “multiple selves”
4. Understand how to introduce the concept of compassion, and discriminate the two psychologies of compassion: engagement and alleviation
5. Work in the affiliative soothing system by utilising compassion focused imagery and process (different ‘flows’ of compassion)
9. Explore how the fears, blocks and resistances to compassion can be an important part of working in a CFT perspective
10. Utilise compassion focusing in a variety of common therapeutic interventions

Workshop approaches will include:
• Didactic teaching
• Small and large group discussion
• Individual experiential practice
• Skills practice