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Compassion Focused Therapy (CFT)
- Questionnaires

Are you interested in finding out how compassionate you are? Or maybe whether you can be self-critical at times? We’ve got a variety of questionnaires to take to help you understand yourself better, and see how your scores compare to other people

The Compassion Engagement and Action Scale

Learn how compassionate you are across the three flows of compassion – to others, from others and to yourself

Compassion For Others

Compassion for others

Compassion From Others

Compassion from others


SElf compassion

The Fear of Compassion Scale

Do you find compassion a bit difficult, or even anxiety provoking? Learn whether you have any fear of compassion (to others, from others and to yourself) with below questionnaires 

Fear of Compassion For Others

Fear of compassion for others

Fear of Compassion From Others

Fear of compassion from others

Fear of Self-Compassion

Fear of self compassion

Forms of Self-Criticism Scale

Do you ever find yourself being harsh or critical of yourself? Do you sometimes feel like other people look down on you? Do you ever feel you compare yourself negatively to others? Take a look at the three different questionnaires below to learn more


Self Criticism

External Shame

External Shame

Social Comparison

Social Comparison 1