Fear of Compassion to Others Scale

At Balanced Minds we are interested in compassion, and how this can how a powerful, positive influence of peoples’ lives.

There’s now lots of evidence showing that when we’re compassionate to other people, this is associated with increases in pleasurable feelings, happiness, wellbeing and connection, and lower levels of stress and anxiety!

But for many people, there can be blocks or fears to being compassionate with other people. For example, worries that this will make us vulnerable or weak, or that our kindness will be taken advantage of. If you’d like to check whether you have fears of compassion to others, take our short test to find out!

* Note: this test is based on the Fear Compassion Scale, Gilbert, P., McEwan, K., Matos, M., & Rivis, A. (2011). Fears of compassion: Development of three self‐report measures. Psychology and Psychotherapy: Theory, research and practice