External Shame Scale

Compassion Focused Therapy One of the biggest blocks to experiencing compassion – whether to ourselves (self-compassion) or from other people –  is shame.  There’s lots of research that we and our colleagues have been involved in which has shown that higher levels of shame are associated with (amongst other things) low self-esteem, and higher self-criticism, rumination, depression and anxiety.

One important type of shame is called external shame – this is when we have a sense that other people think and feel negatively about us.

Are you interested in finding out whether you’re sensitive to external shame? If so, take our short quiz to find out.


Note: None of your data or responses to the questionnaire will be identifiable, stored, used or processed by us in any way

This questionnaire is based upon the Goss, K., Gilbert, P., & Allan, S. (1994). An exploration of shame measures—I: The other as Shamer scale. Personality and Individual differences, 17(5), 713-717.

If you’d like to learn more about external shame, how it relates to your life, and what you might be able to do about it, take a look at our resources page