Social Comparison Scale

Compassion Focused TherapyAt Balanced Minds we’re interested in compassion, and the common things that can get in the way of us being compassionate with ourselves. One common difficulty people can face is when they compare themselves negatively in comparison to other people. In fact, lots of research has found that when we feel inferior and less than others, that this is associated with other difficulties, like higher self-criticism, shame, depression and anxiety.

So, how do you compare yourself to others? Do you sometimes compare yourself negatively? If you’d like to learn more about this, take our short test to find out!

Note: None of your data or responses to the questionnaire will be identifiable, stored, used or processed by us in any way

This questionnaire is based upon the Allan, & Gilbert (1995). A social comparison scale: Psychometric properties and relationship to psychopathology. Personality and individual differences, 19(3), 293-299.