Here are some of the reviews that we’ve received from people who have attended Compassion Focused Therapy (CFT) with us, or who have taken one of our CFT trainings and workshops

CFT & CMT Workshop and Training Reviews

“Loved this training. A fascinating subject was delivered with passion, humour and expertise. Thoroughly enjoyable”

“Chris was brilliant and insightful”

Excellent workshop. The content of the training has been paced well. I feel I have developed my knowledge of the CFT approach for voices and now feel more confident in applying this in my work with both staff and service users. I particularly enjoyed the experimental exercises. Charlie is a great trainer and made links with aspects of his own work which made the material more real. Thank you.

“This training was inspiring, personally valuable and insightful”

Honest and humorous style helped too! Loved it.

Clear and concise structure enabled clarity of learning. Examples of case studies brought CFT to life and enabled learning through example and the possibility of application to my own practice. An exciting development for mental health and exciting and reassuring to see ‘emotions’ and the ‘relationships’ take centre stage. Thank you.

Very good course. Developed lots of skills to apply to my clinical work.

Very informative, well presented, clear content, well paced.

Absolutely brilliant! Thank for opening my eyes to this approach. I have had CFT training before but it was purely theory with no experimental component and I thought the approach was too intellectual for me. What a difference your training has made. I now have a real motivation to support people in this way and will consider the diploma.

Excellent training info. A new and innovative area. Really helpful to be able to troubleshoot some of the ideas with Charlie.

This workshop has given me some really good ideas of working with people who hear voices and consolidated my prior learning and knowledge of CFT.

My confidence when working with voices has grown and I understand how ‘teaming’ voices with the compassionate self is important.

Really helpful interaction, I have attended some previous CFT workshops and this has built on my knowledge and also how to apply CFT to people who hear voices. A really engaging trainer who made me feel really inspired to work with my clients who experience hearing voices.

Helpful to go over the skills in stages and to have time to practice these. Case examples and ideas were also useful to illustrate skills in clinical practice. Spending a bit more time exploring possible skills to work with voices would have been usefl. Thank you for a very helpful 2 days!

Really good teaching – good exercises and videos. Same we didn’t have longer on the specific working with voices tools on the wid.....? Training will probably always be an issue. Thanks so much – really helpful for me to do work with both patients and staff – lots of good stuff in here to use. Thanks!

“Chris was so engaging, real and passionate”

Good ‘Role Model’ for CFT – manner, approach exactly what I would want as CFT therapist

Very interesting and inspiring. Thank you!

Really interesting and useful two days. The experimental exercises were really valuable and have enabled me to feel more confident in using these techniques with my clients. Thank you!

“Beautifully presented and structured. Feel personally and clinically significant – really addressed some key blocks in therapy”

Really engaging and practically useful training. Engaging delivery style and good use of different media. Handouts regarding exercise might have been helpful.

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