Do you treat yourself with the same kindness and care as your friends?


If not, then learning self-compassion might be just what you need!

What this course involves

Each week - through 30-minute videos - you'll be introduced to ideas and exercises, scientifically proven to increase self-compassion.

In between weeks, you'll have access to guided audio practices and reading material to support your journey in cultivating self-compassion.

Week 1

Learn what self-compassion is, some common myths, & how to build the foundations for self-compassion

Week 2

Practise how to develop and grow your Compassionate Self, and how to direct this to yourself

Week 3

Learn, through imagery & self-compassion exercises, how to become more caring and supportive of yourself

Week 4

Continue to strengthen your self-compassion by practising ways of bringing this to life's challenges

How can the course help me?

Research currently being written up for publication has found that the course leads to: 






Lower Self-Criticism & Shame Depression, Anxiety & Stress Relationship insecurities   
"This course really changed the way I feel about myself. Self-compassion really does make a big difference"

                  Anna S
               Course Participant


This course includes:


Four 30-minute self-compassion video classes


Five self-compassion audio practices


Reading material to support your learning

How does self-compassion help?

There are now thousands of studies showing that higher levels of self-compassion are associated with many benefits. This includes higher levels of happiness, wellbeing and positivity, as well as lower levels of self-criticism, shame, anxiety and depression. The great thing is that you can increase your self-compassion in lots of different ways - one of which is this course!

Isn't self-compassion weak and self-indulgent?

These are some of the most common myths about self-compassion. The research on this has actually found the opposite - the more compassionate you are with yourself, the more likely you are to deal with difficult things in life, and take responsibility for your mistakes& failures

I don't deserve self-compassion

Although this is understandable, the key thing about self-compassion isn't about whether you deserve it, but that you need it. We will spend many, many hours with friends and family in life, but no where near as long as we spend in relationship with ourselves - so the important thing is to learn how to treat ourselves with the same care and compassion we treat our friends and loved ones

Is it possible to become more compassionate with ourselves?

Yes, absolutely! There are hundreds of published studies showing that it's possible to increase our level of self-compassion, and many of the exercises in this course have been found to do just this.