The Compassionate Mind Workbook

by Chris Irons and Elaine Beaumont


The Compassionate Mind Workbook is for anyone who is interested in how compassion – in the form of ideas and practices derived from Compassion Focused Therapy (CFT) and other approaches – may help us to engage with, understand and ultimately, try to alleviate suffering.

This workbook is a step-by-step guide to CFT, in which the chapters build your understanding of yourself, the skills that give rise to a compassionate mind, and ways to work with whatever difficulties you’re struggling with in life. The exercises, prompts and case stories in this book provide an understandable and practical way to develop compassion.


    Learn How To :

    º Understand why our minds are so tricky to manage

    º How our emotion systems can easily get out of balance

    º How mindfulness and self-compassion are powerful tools to reduce distress

    º How to develop your compassionate mind 

    º How to turn your compassionate mind towards shame, self-criticism and difficult emotions