Workplace Wellbeing

It’s estimated that between the age of 18 and retirement, we’ll spend approximately 35% of our life at work. Some of us are lucky, and will spend the majority of that time working in an organisation and with colleagues who respect us, treat us kindly and in a supportive way. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case for everyone, and lots of research studies have found that workplaces can be the cause of emotional and physical health problems. 

At Balanced Minds, we are committed to support businesses and organisations to learn how to create environments that not only get the best out of employees, but crucially, that offer a supportive, caring and nurturing space for people to feel safe, flourish and experience meaning in their jobs.

Whether coaching or providing consultation for leaders, or workshops and groups for employee wellbeing, Balanced Minds has a variety of workplace wellbeing initiatives that will suit your business. Get in touch with our team to discuss further: info@balancedminds.com